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Dear Friends,

And so we come to the end of First Person Singular, Season One. Thanks for your attendance and support, and for tolerating so many invitations! (Those of you who would rather not have me clogging your inboxes with these things, please hit reply and send me a "No thanks, Joe" or something similar, laced with your favorite expletives). Our next season begins in mid-January, and we'll be bringing you more unique evenings built around all kinds of compelling narratives. Again, the work will be delivered by local talent - actors (and other dramatic types) who can bring characters to life. Our mission is to offer small doses of theater in the guise of bookstore readings, and since we're not charging anything, we can pretty much cover any material we want. Here's a peek at what's coming in the new year: August Wilson's monologues; Girl-Group songs and other pop agonies; baseball stories; Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska; the fiction of Lorrie Moore, J. D. Salinger, Sherwood Anderson and more.


For our last entry this season, we'll be chasing our Warren Zevon celebration with a more sedate but no less intense epistolary extravaganza. Well, maybe extravaganza is the wrong word, but consider this: Articles of Faith: The Letters of Flannery O'Connor to "A."


O'Connor was one of the best fiction writers we've had, and one of the most misunderstood. She was a Roman Catholic in the Baptist South, and her stories, which often depict grace as a violent intrusion, were often mistakenly dismissed or celebrated as Southern Gothic. Early in her career, she received a letter from a woman whom she saw almost from the start as her ideal reader. They corresponded for nine years, until O'Connor's early death from lupus, exchanging convictions and doubts on the most important of subjects: art, belief, writing, and peacocks. When O'Connor's letters were published in The Habit of Being, the most engaged, philosophical, and passionate of the lot were to a mysterious recipient only identified as "A.".  This woman's identity was kept a secret during her lifetime, and only O'Connor's side of the correspondence was published. But in the compassion, concern, and candor of O'Connor's letters, two kindred but very different souls were revealed. 


O'Connor's omniscient tales don't lend themselves to the First Person Singular treatment, but thanks to the publication of these fierce, funny, and illuminating letters, we get to present the woman herself. As performed by our very own Marjorie Darraugh.


Hope to see you!



FIRST PERSON SINGULAR presents Articles of Faith: The Letters of Flannery O'Connor to "A."

WHERE: Pegasus Books SOLANO 1855 Solano Avenue, Berkeley (510) 525-6888

WHEN: Wednesday, December 8th, 7:30p


WHAT ELSE: Cookies and booze. (And cheese and juice).


Wheelchair accessible.









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