[gtu-list] Tuesday Nights Talk Speaker: Angel Mendez-Montoya

Vanessa Hawkins VHawkins at psr.edu
Tue Aug 2 09:03:55 PDT 2011

We invite you to join us today in the Bade Museum at 7:00 p.m. to hear tonight's guest speaker:

August 2: Angel Méndez-Montoya<http://www.psr.edu/summer-session-2011-instructors#mendezmontoya>[Mendez-Montoya]<http://www.psr.edu/summer-session-2011-instructors#mendezmontoya><http://www.psr.edu/summer-session-2011-instructors#mendezmontoya>

"Theology and Dance: Flesh in Flux"

Christianity has many understandings of the concept of "body," among them physical, social, political, and ecclesial. The concept of "flesh," however, has not been so easily understood; even today, flesh continues under scrutiny, or is ignored. And yet, at the heart of the Gospel of John lies a provocative claim: God incarnated as human flesh, a "divine touch" that divinizes without suppressing the material world, immanence and creation. How can we understand this conundrum?

Theories of dance understand flesh as something experiential, performative, and embodied; dancers understand that the body in motion can evoke a primal encounter with God. In this lecture, Angel Mendez-Montoya will examine how bringing theology and dance together might help us understand flesh as something beautiful, a location where love and desire can come together in an all-inclusive dance.

Thank you,

Vanessa Hawkins
Summer Session Assistant
Community and Continuing Education
(510) 849-8267

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