[gtu-list] PSR Summer Session Workshops for Saturday, August 6 from 10am - 4pm

Vanessa Hawkins VHawkins at psr.edu
Wed Aug 3 08:29:16 PDT 2011

Weekend Workshops for August 6, 2011 are below:

[poetry]Saturday Workshop: Poetry as a Spiritual Practice
Instructor: Christina Hutchins<http://www.psr.edu/summer-session-2011-instructors#hutchins>
Dates and Times: Saturday, August 6; 10am - 4pm
Description: During the first month after the Twin Towers fell, nearly a decade ago, usually-obscure books of poetry rose to the tops of bestseller lists across the country. When we memorialize the living and dying of another beloved life, when we celebrate human birth, when a relationship fails or we fall in love, and even when we are lost to ourselves, we turn to poetry for nourishment, as a mode of sustenance that honors both the beauty and the tragedy of felt living. Poems provide comfort, joy and succor for the wild motions of our souls. Poetry is for human spirits. Poetry is also of human spirits, and the making of poems can open us and free us into the flow of the Spirit.
This is a workshop for everyone who wants to spend an intense day creating new poems. Both utter beginners and advanced, published poets are invited to simultaneously develop the craft of poetry and deepen connections with the Spirit. We will spend the day loving language and loving the holy, and immersed in the flow of poems. The poetry of others will become part of us, and our own new poems will come into existence as we are gathered.
Course Credits & Cost: 0.5 CEUs - $80
Course Number: RA-0002 (CEUs)
Registration: (print step-by-step instructions<http://www.psr.edu/files_psr/CEWebAdvisorSteps2011-03-15.pdf>) Registration<http://tinyurl.com/PSR-reg-CE>

[graffiti]Saturday Workshop Series: Inner-Urban Ministry
Offered by PSR partner Refuge Institute<http://enrollri.net>
Instructors: Refuge Institute staff
Dates and Times: Saturdays, July 19, 23, and 30, and August 6; 10am - 4pm
Description: The Inner-Urban Ministry series is comprised of four Saturday workshops exploring critical issues in progressive inner-urban ministry, including youth, justice, health, and interfaith collaboration. Workshops are geared to clergy, lay leaders, community leaders, and seminary students. The emphasis will be on the practical aspects of inner-urban ministry, taught by faculty with experience in both theological and practical aspects of ministry.
Workshops, from 10 am to 4 pm, may be taken as an entire series (recommended; $250 for 2.0 CEUs or $190 for non-credit students ), or as individual courses ($80 apiece for .5 CEUs or $60 apiece for non-credit students).

  *   Saturday, July 16: Urban Youth
Instructor: Toni Dunbar
Characteristics and best practices for social and ministry engagement
Instructor: Lateefah Simon
Gaining "street cred," police relations, advocacy and lobbying city hall
  *   Saturday, July 30: Urban Health
Instructor: Ann Ameling, w/ Janet Constantino & Anne Hughes
The environment; access to education, transportation, food, health care
  *   Saturday, August 6: Urban Interfaith
Instructor: Toni Dunbar
Theological relevance, partnership and cross-pollination

Thank you,

Vanessa Hawkins
Summer Session Assistant
Community and Continuing Education
(510) 849-8267

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