[gtu-list] 4/4 - Standing Together for Homes, Jobs and Justice

Roy Birchard roybir2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 17:59:10 PDT 2012

  Wednesday, April 4, 2012 
Occupy the Dream, Occupy Holy Week, Occupy Passover: Standing Together for Homes, Jobs and Justice 

On April 4, in remembrance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination and as part of our Holy Week / Passover devotion we will gather together to save the home of Archbishop King and others facing foreclosure, naming the Pharaohs and Caesars of our day and calling on the banks and political leaders to: 
w halt foreclosures w modify loans / reduce principal 
w protect good jobs and w hold corporations accountable 
Gather at 11 am at Martin Luther King Park, 3rd St and Carroll, SF
3RD Street March/Ride  
Gather 12:45 pm Wells Fargo Bank, 3rd St and Galvez, SF 
If you are interested in adding your congregation / organization as a participant please let us know.  
Rev. Carol Been 
San Francisco Allies of Occupy 
cbeen181 at gmail.com   
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